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Soda Blast Abrasives

Soda Blasting – SofStrip Soda Blast & SofStrip Profile Formula

SofStrip Soda Blast is a water soluble and environmentally-safe soda blasting abrasive used for one-step abrasive cleaning, paint removal and degreasing on on delicate surfaces.
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SofStrip Profile Formula is manufactured with our largest soda blast crystals, flow aids and 25% 80 grit garnet abrasive.
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Kieserite Blasting – MaxxStrip

MaxxStrip is a water-soluble, environmentally-friendly soda blast abrasive that cleans, removes paint and degreases in one step without shutting down process streams. It is much more aggressive for soda blasting than baking soda abrasives.
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Pool Tile Cleaning – MaxxStrip Pool Tile Cleaning Formula

MaxxStrip Pool Tile Cleaning Formula (PF-2) removes calcium, oily residue, mold or algae from swimming pool tiles and grout.
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