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Garnet Abrasive

Sharpjet Garnet Abrasive

Our Sharpjet garnet abrasive is manufactured and marketed according to ISO 9001 requirements. Sharpjet is produced in mines certified for listing on the QPL-22262 – MIL-A-22262B Abrasive Blasting Media (Cage: SGJ21). Sharpjet is an excellent source of washed, alluvial almandite garnet. Our customers are very pleased with the performance of Sharpjet for waterjet abrasive cutting applications and sandblasting abrasive applications.

Benefits of Sharpjet Garnet Abrasive

  • Sharpjet garnet is mined in its natural, angular form, making it one of the most sought-after abrasives in the business.
  • Environmentally and health-safe (contains no heavy metals)
  • Reduce air emissions greatly with garnet abrasive
  • Low dusting – due to its highly durable crystalline structure.
  • Mohs hardness of 7.5, Specific Gravity of 4.0 – Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
  • Virtually silica free (less than <0.5%) – SDS (PDF)
  • Low Chlorides
  • White metal finish without embedment
  • Mil Spec and CARB Approved, Meets AB1
  • With proper metering, 70% less abrasive is used than slag & cuts 30-40% faster than slag – Sharpjet Blasting Guidelines (PDF)
  • Unique grain-hardness/toughness reduces particle breakdown
  • Bulk density of 150 lbs/ft3 vs. 110 lbs. for sand & slag abrasives
  • Recycles 2-3 times
  • Lower abrasive disposal cost/lower containment cost
  • Supplied by APE under Stringent QC Program

Garnet Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Applications

  • Tile Cutting
  • Countertops
  • Stone Cutting
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Glass Cutting
  • Kevlar Cutting
  • Aluminum Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Cutting

Garnet Abrasive Sandblasting Applications

  • Turbine Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Industrial Painting Contracting
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Blast Rooms
  • Denim Blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Petrochemical

Available Sizes

Sharpjet is available in the following grit sizes:

  • 16, 20/40, 30/40, 30/60, 36, 50, 60, 80 and 120

Sharpjet is available in the following bag sizes:

  • 55 lbs. bags, super sacks and pneumatic trailer

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